Zinn Schmuckschachtel Humpty Dumpty 50mm - B00HQS1ZHG
Zinn Schmuckschachtel Humpty Dumpty 50mm - B00HQS1ZHG

Zinn Schmuckschachtel Humpty Dumpty 50mm - B00HQS1ZHG

Produktnr.: B00HQS1ZHG
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Pewter Trinket Box - Humpty Dumpty 50mm

A great gift for new parents, or young children. Whether used to hold baby mementoes, such as first tooth or curl, or for storing small items, the box is sure to appeal to adults and children.


* Made in the UK from lead-free pewter
* World renowned pewter manufacturer
* Comes boxed with a gift box

Edwin Blyde produce some of the most beautiful Pewter items currently made. The manufacturing of Pewter and its history goes back to the 14th century. Little has changed in the making process, but standards and designs have evolved to the 21st century.

The history of Edwin Blyde:

Edwin Blyde & Co. Ltd, whose history goes back as far as the 18th century, has over the years manufactured many of the traditional items associated with Sheffield. From butchers knives and steels to putty knives and garden tools, from pen and pocket knives to spoon and fork.

The 'spur' trademark, registered over 120 years ago, was the idea of one of the Blyde family who had been an officer in the cavalry before joining the company. Through the years the company has moved its premises four times, from the back streets of Sheffield's city centre, to its modern premises just out of the city centre at Heeley.

We hope the pewter you buy will be enjoyed in the knowledge that many years of experience have gone into the manufacture of all the items made by Edwin Blyde.

Care and cleaning:

With a minimum of care pewterware will keep its original finish. It should be washed in hot soapy water, or in a mild detergent solution, and dried with a soft cloth. If, through neglect, pewter takes on a patina, the original finish can be restored by polishing with a non-abrasive metal polish. Finger marks can easily be removed by rubbing with methylated spirits. Dishwashers are not to be recommended due to the very high temperatures and rather strong detergents used.

Zinn Schmuckschachtel Humpty Dumpty 50mm - B00HQS1ZHG

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